• 2022-07-11

Happy Birthday Canada!

Celebrating our country's birthday along with a few recycling milestones

Welcome July – the month we celebrate all things Canada! It is also the month that we here at Recycle NB celebrate the completion of our annual report. In it, we highlight our programs and share some of our successes from the previous year. Here are a few of our more notable milestones from 2021:

  • 1,512,950 tires collected.
  • 321,021 litres of paint collected.
  • 3,345,918 litres of oil collected.
  • 1,026 metric tonnes of electronics collected.

It’s important to note that these statistics represent waste that was kept out of our landfills. That is good for our environment, and for future generations of New Brunswickers.

Next year we will be adding even more materials to this list as we launch the Packaging and Paper Products (PPP) program. In the coming months, we will be identifying a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO), which represents industry stakeholders, who will be tasked with setting up the program. This will include overseeing collection and management of the materials, as well as promotion, education and reporting. Once a PRO submits a plan (expected to occur in October) the process for implementing a program in New Brunswick will begin. This is expected to happen in 2023.

You can also read more about our successes and milestones in our 2021 annual report here. Happy Recycling everyone!

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