• 2022-08-10

Every drop matters

The importance of recycling your used oil and glycol 

This month, we wanted to take the opportunity to shed a little light on our oil/glycol program. The New Brunswick government listed used oil, glycol (antifreeze), oil filters and oil and glycol containers as designated materials in 2014. Essentially, this meant that these materials had to be collected and recycled, rather than tossed in landfills where they pose a risk to not only our environment, but to people and animals as well. As we all know, just one litre of used oil can pollute up to a million litres of drinking water.

When the legislation was introduced in 2014, it stipulated that the used oil/glycol program be Extended Producer Responsibility, making industry responsible for managing these materials in New Brunswick. The industry, represented by UOMA-Atlantic, oversees the collection of the materials, as well as arranges to transport and process them into new products.

Those who generate used oil, glycol, filters and containers can arrange to drop them off at one of 198 collection depots set up around the province. To find a location near you, visit our map locator page at https://www.recyclenb.com/oil-map. Larger generators can arrange to have these items picked up by contacting UOMA-Atlantic directly at https://nb.uoma-atlantic.com/en/contact-2. 

Happy recycling everyone!

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