• 2016-07-18

Discover the beauty of nature through Photography

I first fell in love with photography a few years ago but little did I know how photography would open my eyes to so much more.  With my new found passion and a macro lens, my world was forever changed and I discovered the beauty found in the small things.  Nature is all around us and often the beauty is simply overlooked. For instance, have you ever noticed the fresh morning dew on a spider web and how those tiny little beads perfectly line the web and gleam through the sunlight? Perhaps you’ve overlooked the splendour of snowflakes from fresh fallen snow and how each and every one on albeit different, yet just as pretty?

I have found that the key to seeing the beauty around us and to an interesting photo is composition. This has the ability to transform your photo and attracts the viewer to see things with a different perspective. In order to achieve this, you need to take a moment and look at nature that is all around us and try to view it through new eyes.

I challenge you to take a moment and see nature with a new found appreciation for the beauty it has to offer. Once you open up the door to photography, the possibilities are endless. It also makes you realize how important it is to protect our environment.

Melanie Arbeau

Recycle NB

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