Tires - Fees

Tires - Fees

New Brunswick’s Tire Stewardship program is self-supporting.  Consumers pay a recycling fee on each new tire bought and on used vehicle tires when a vehicle is imported into New Brunswick. Recycle NB uses the funds collected to pay for the collection and recycling of the tires.

A complete list of the tire recycling fees for tires covered under the program follows.

The tire recycling fee must be paid on all tires, regardless of your tax status, unless the tire is exempt under the program.  For a list of exempt tires, please see Fee Exemptions.

Motorcycle & Moped TiresPassenger & Light Truck TiresMedium Truck
ATVs"P" - PassengerContainer Trucks
Go Karts"LT" - Light TrucksTransport Trucks
Golf Carts"T" - Temporary (donut)Utility Trucks
Light duty trailer tires (tires not marked as "ST")"ST" - Service TrailerLarge RV
Mini or Pocket Bikes All other medium and heavy commercial truck/bus configurations
Mopeds Commercial truck tires designed for use on truck and bus vehicles typically in excess of 10,000 lbs GVW including wide base or heavy truck tires designed for truck/bus applications and larger RV tires not marked "P" or "LT"
Powered Scooters  
Approved lawn and garden equipment (snow blowers, lawn tractors, rototillers, and similar equipment tires)  

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