Electronics - Fees

Electronics - Fees

According to Section 50.44 of the Regulation:

50.44(1)Subject to subsection (2), a brand owner or a retailer, on behalf of a brand owner, may recover from the consumer costs associated with implementing or operating an electronic products stewardship plan, or costs associated with supplying material under section 50.43.

50.44(2)A brand owner or a retailer who recovers costs under subsection (1) shall integrate those costs
(a) into a total advertised sales price of the electronic product, and
(b) into the sales price of the electronic product on the receipt of sale.50.44(3)A brand owner or a retailer is not prohibited from informing the public that the price of an electronic product includes costs recovered under subsection (1) and communicating those costs to the public.

Fee Schedule
The Environmental Handling Fee charged on new electronic products is not a tax and it is not collected by government. EPRA (Electronic Products Recycling Association) sets the Environmental Handling Fee for each new electronic product. Please consult the EPRA NB Website. The Product Definitions and EHF item under the Stewards Dropdown Menu provides a complete list of the Environmental Handling Fees in New Brunswick.

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