Tire Program

Tire Program Overview

Recycle NB manages New Brunswick’s tire stewardship program that began in 1996. The program diverts the equivalent of a million tires per year from the landfill. TRACC (Tire Recycling Atlantic Canada Corporation) in Minto, New Brunswick, turns 98 % of the recycled tires into new rubber products.

Tires are a designated material for the purposes of section 22.1 of the Clean Environment Act. If you retail new tires in the province of New Brunswick, the Designated Materials Regulation requires you to register your business with Recycle NB.

When you register, you receive a Recycle NB registration number. Registrants may request scrap tire collection service from our contractor, TRACC in Minto, NB. You may arrange your collection service, by calling the TRACC directly.  TRACC -1-888-628-7222.

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