Recycle NB accepts industry agent for oil and glycol-recycling program

Recycle NB accepts industry agent for oil and glycol-recycling program

Fredericton –SOGHU ATLANTIC UOMA (Société de gestion des huiles usagées / Atlantic Used Oil Management Association) will run the new oil and glycol recycling program in New Brunswick.

Recycle NB Board Chair Murray Driscoll welcomed the industry’s choice of program manager. “SOGHU is highly recommended.  It runs the Quebec recycling program and receives high praise from industry. The SOGHU program is very effective and efficient. We look forward to its management of the New Brunswick program.”

Having one agent has many benefits. Recycle NB CEO Pat McCarthy points to just a few. “Instead of every brand owner setting up their own recycling program, there will be one common program for the province.  That will mean cost savings, a level playing field for industry, and province-wide recycling depots for consumers.”

The oil and glycol recycling program is an extended producer responsibility (EPR) program. That means producers pay directly for the end-of- life waste management of their products. “The policy removes waste management and its costs from local governments and taxpayers. In addition, it gives industry an incentive to design products that reduce waste disposal costs and recycling risks,” explains McCarthy.

Recycle NB will be working out the details of the oil and glycol recycling program over the next few months. McCarthy expects to start the program in early 2014.

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Pat McCarthy, CEO, Recycle NB, 506-454-8473

Murray Driscoll, Chair, Recycle NB 506-454-8473

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