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Fredericton – Praise today from the CEO of Recycle NB for New Brunswickers’ recycling efforts. Pat McCarthy says people have embraced the province’s programs for designated materials.

“This is Environment Week, so we want to thank people for doing their part to protect the environment for future generations and let them know how the programs are doing,” said McCarthy. 

Recycle New Brunswick oversees the tire, paint, and oil and glycol stewardship programs in the province. McCarthy says the programs are partnerships with industry, and statistics show they are making a difference.

Between 2009 and 2012, the paint program diverted almost 900,000 litres of paint from the province’s landfills. That paint was reused, recycled or recovered for energy. Product Care Association manages the program on behalf of industry and has 59 locations across the province where people can drop-off leftover paint.

The tire program, which began in 1996, recycles a million tires a year.  “That is more than 16 million tires not in the province’s landfills. Not only are they not in the landfills but also they are put to good use and create “green” jobs in New Brunswick,” said McCarthy.

Tire Recycling Atlantic Canada Corporation (TRACC) in Minto, turns the scrap tires into new value-added products. TRACC is known worldwide for its innovation and creative products.  Landscape mulch, roofing shingles, mattresses for dairy cattle, and playground cover are just a few examples of the products produced by this New Brunswick Corporation.

In January, Recycle NB collaborated with SOGHUOMA to introduce an oil and glycol recycling program.  “Already we have 156 locations across the province where people can take their used oil and glycol products for recycling,” noted McCarthy. “Just one litre of used oil could contaminate one million litres of drinking water so we are very pleased that this program is up and running.”

Board Chair Bryan Howell, says Recycle NB plays a unique role in the management of waste materials in New Brunswick. “Recycle NB is a self-supporting environmental agency responsible for results-focused “designated” material recycling as a means to ensuring over the long-term a waste-free province for the benefit of all New Brunswickers. Our vision is to move beyond waste! As the Chair of Recycle NB, I hope all New Brunswickers will make recycling part of their daily routine.” 

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