• 2021-06-01

Environment Week 2021:
We can all inspire change

It’s Environment Week in Canada – a time when we are all encouraged to do a little extra to help restore our ecosystems – the forests, rivers, lakes and oceans that sustain us. Environment Week typically includes such important dates as Clean Air Day on June 2 and World Environment Day on June 5.

World Environment Day (www.worldenvironmentday.global)  is described as a global platform for inspiring positive change. This is something we strive to do here at Recycle NB. As environmental stewards, we work to inspire NBers to help us reduce the amount of waste going to our landfills by participating in our recycling programs for tires, oil and glycol, paint and electronics.

For the past several years, Recycle NB has been working to add packaging and printed paper (PPP) to our list of recycling programs. These products account for approximately 65% of the waste that goes into our landfills. Once the PPP program is launched, New Brunswickers will be able to recycle more types of plastics, soup containers, and some glass – yes glass! – such as pickle or jam jars.

One of the most exciting things about the PPP program is that it will be funded 100% by industry – those who manufacture and sell these products. This is what is referred to as Extended Producer Responsibility, which basically shifts the responsibility for recycling products to industry, as opposed to governments or consumers. Currently, our oil/glycol, electronics and paint recycling programs are EPR programs.

So, in honour of World Environment Day, we encourage you to make one positive change. Allow your dandelions some extra growing time to benefit the pollinators. Clean up some litter on your nature hike. Gather up your old paint, oil or electronics and take them to a depot to be recycled. Your one act may seem small, but it just might inspire others to do the same.

Happy recycling everyone!

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