• 2022-12-05

Celebrate tradition this Holiday Season

Send us a photo of your favourite ornament or decoration and you could win!

For most of us, putting up Holiday decorations or trimming the Christmas tree is a favourite tradition. It fills us with Holiday spirit, and the knowledge that we will soon enjoy some much-needed time off and gathering with our loved ones.

Growing up, our family didn’t put much stock into having a fashionable looking tree. We had a mishmash of homemade and store-bought ornaments, both old and new, all buried under 20 pounds of tinsel. With each ornament, however, a story was told. The little gingerbread church came from a lifelong friend. The six tiny walnut figures had once adorned a great aunt’s tree. A misshapen bell made with pipe cleaners and glitter was crafted by a young relative in a Grade 4 art class. These ornament stories were told over and over, but every year we all looked forward to hearing them.

This Holiday Season, in the spirit of recycling and reusing, Recycle NB is celebrating tradition. We are inviting you to share a photo of your favourite ornament or decoration, and the story behind it, for a chance to win a winter jacket and other goodies. The contest will run for the month of December, with the draw taking place on January 3, 2023. Post your photos and short stories to our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/RecycleNB/ or our Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/recycle.nb/. We look forward to seeing them!

In the meantime, we at Recycle NB would like to wish you all a happy and safe Holiday Season. Enjoy time with your family and friends and, of course, happy recycling!

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